Welcome to your Egogram!

We commend you for making the decision to invest in yourself, and appreciate your trust in us.

Egogram is a test which serves as a self-awareness tool. Take it as the mirror of your personality. On completion, you'll find out how much emotional energy is tied to your individual development phases from early childhood until adulthood; the so-called “ego states”.

When you finish the test, you'll learn why certain things always make you angry and others don't affect you at all. You will be able to better understand your subconscious reactions, as well as the reactions of other people. You'll find out which of your mental states is the most sensitive to stimuli from the environment. The map of your specific ego states is the key to understanding yourself. It will help you realize your own reactions, and intentional changes that all of us are able to make with regard to our behaviour, irrespective of age or education.

Everyone has the potential to become a better person!

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ATTENTION! It is not possible to change the language during the test.